Sunday, 5 December 2010

Would You Rather?

It is time for a game of Would You Rather? So... would you rather...

Bag made of eel skin

(And for all you animally types who love all creatures, even eels [why??], it is vintage, so the previous owner was cruel, bla bla, but they are PROBABLY DEAD NOW.)


    thats alrite just use the WHOLE of our fb chat.
    i call it unoriginality.
    yours sincerely...

  2. Okay, I will use our chat.
    (Please note, this is an approximation)

    Me: "Hey, look at this bag."
    You: "Wow, I like that bag very much."
    Me: "Yes, this bag that I HAVE FOUND is very attractive."
    You: "Yes, I want that bag. It is therefore now mine."

    Yours with mild sincerity...

  3. this a pathetic excuse for a blog.
    talk about what concerns you.
    quite angrily in not much sincerity...

  4. I have stuck to the purpose of my blog, which states that I can "occasionally brag about the fact that I own a few attractive pieces of vintage clothing".
    Yes, with quote.
    I just posted about the X factor which concerns me greatly.
    Read that.
    Furiously with all sincerity melted away...

  5. i think you should get down to my house nowish and we can bang out some marina and the diamonds in a duet then we can eat cherry drops and poke my brother to death