Friday, 3 December 2010


Britain has had a very exciting few days, what with the snow and such. I love the snow, like most other normal people (excluding those with reasons eg. snow allergies which could exist, I don't know).

Unfortunately, there is one problem:
So, here is a boring standard blog topic:
5 tips for surviving winter! Hooray!

1. Vintage knitwear. Loooots of vintage knitwear.

You can now shop online here. Finally!

Not such a great website, but if you're on Facebook they will let you know when their jumble sales are, fill a bag of vintage for only £10-£20

2. Wear ridiculous thermals.

There is something great about dressing like a seven year old yet no one can see.
Thermal from John Lewis

3. No uggs. Please.

Wet toes are not warm toes. People think they can slosh through snow with suede as if it is waterproof. No. This does not work. It is stupid. Use some logic.

4. Tense and relax your muscles.

Apparently it causes friction in muscle fibres and generates heat. Feels like you're giving birth, warms you up when you're freezing.

5. And finally...

Get a bird feeder. If you don't survive the winter, at least Mr Robin might.

That's all I'm willing to give up my time for, so...
So long!
Nat x

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