Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I love this stuff...

Get a bag of dried lentils, and eat it. They are a bit like crisps, but spicier, nicer, and probably somehow healthier.

Briefcase-style bags
Admit it, you want a briefcase. (No? Just me? Leave me alone, you're really mean.) There's something wonderful about its masculinity and it's pretty practical, especially if you have a lot of papers/music to carry. Here are some (slightly) more feminine alternatives.

Inspector Morse
Proof that ITV occasionally shows something good! Even though it's two hours long...

I was seven when John Thaw died, so I haven't watched any of this until recently. It's on ITV at 11 am so if you have a sick day, this is highly recommended. And if you saw them all when they were new, do you really remember them?

It's a mini piano. With a pen. You know it's amazing.

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