Sunday, 12 December 2010

New boots and bad beer names

So, I have some new boots and I have a blog. That can only mean one thing:
A million photos of them shown in different angles! Hoorah!

So, here they are as I see them
(Look! No hands!)

Here they are as a beetle about to be crushed would see them

And here they are as a small dog would see them
Do dogs like shoes? Do they notice how fashionable a pair of shoes is? After all, they see them more than they see human faces. But dogs are not very visual creatures, so maybe they prefer shoes as a target for their pee. Although, it would be quite upsetting if dogs did like fashion, as humans have so far remained unchallenged as a shallow, consumerism obsessed race, and would probably like to remain the kings of keeping too much crap.

After buying the boots, I went to a great Korean restaurant. These Korean people make wonderful food! But they seriously don't know how to name their beer. When I saw this, I thought they'd missed out an S.

So, that's about it.
Time for an awkward goodbye.
Uh... bye...

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