Sunday, 19 December 2010

Happy Holidays!

If anyone's been watching the news, they will have noticed that flights are not working. Or you could look out of the window and notice that it is snowing.

Anyway, if anyone saw the plane that kept the passengers in for five hours even though it wasn't moving, I was on that plane. I'm famous! Especially if someone watching the news has X-ray vision, although they will have to be able to see through layers in pixellated images or they'll just see the wires behind the TV. No, now I'm just rambling. But instead of wallowing in vain self-pity, everyone on the plane seemed very patient, yet still slightly hoping for the best. There were numerous bursts of applause when we were told we would take off soon, but no one made much of a fuss when they told us we would have to wait for a few more hours.

Altogether, it was a normal flight, just without the benefits of films and a destination. Fortunately, we were still rewarded with an amusingly disgusting meal.

Here are some great holiday snaps I have been lucky to be able to take:

Sunday, 12 December 2010

New boots and bad beer names

So, I have some new boots and I have a blog. That can only mean one thing:
A million photos of them shown in different angles! Hoorah!

So, here they are as I see them
(Look! No hands!)

Here they are as a beetle about to be crushed would see them

And here they are as a small dog would see them
Do dogs like shoes? Do they notice how fashionable a pair of shoes is? After all, they see them more than they see human faces. But dogs are not very visual creatures, so maybe they prefer shoes as a target for their pee. Although, it would be quite upsetting if dogs did like fashion, as humans have so far remained unchallenged as a shallow, consumerism obsessed race, and would probably like to remain the kings of keeping too much crap.

After buying the boots, I went to a great Korean restaurant. These Korean people make wonderful food! But they seriously don't know how to name their beer. When I saw this, I thought they'd missed out an S.

So, that's about it.
Time for an awkward goodbye.
Uh... bye...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I love this stuff...

Get a bag of dried lentils, and eat it. They are a bit like crisps, but spicier, nicer, and probably somehow healthier.

Briefcase-style bags
Admit it, you want a briefcase. (No? Just me? Leave me alone, you're really mean.) There's something wonderful about its masculinity and it's pretty practical, especially if you have a lot of papers/music to carry. Here are some (slightly) more feminine alternatives.

Inspector Morse
Proof that ITV occasionally shows something good! Even though it's two hours long...

I was seven when John Thaw died, so I haven't watched any of this until recently. It's on ITV at 11 am so if you have a sick day, this is highly recommended. And if you saw them all when they were new, do you really remember them?

It's a mini piano. With a pen. You know it's amazing.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Would You Rather?

It is time for a game of Would You Rather? So... would you rather...

Bag made of eel skin

(And for all you animally types who love all creatures, even eels [why??], it is vintage, so the previous owner was cruel, bla bla, but they are PROBABLY DEAD NOW.)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

The X Factor

Britain has always been a source of amazing music. From Benjamin Britten to The Beatles to Marina and the Diamonds (okay, that one was just personal preference), but suddenly all our teenagers are screaming about a band that sounds like it is called Want Erection and half the country can't pronounce Wagner. People everywhere have been talking about how awful he is, but how can they think that when Ride of the Valkyries is one of the most famous pieces ever? I don't know, what is so appealing about the X Factor? Am I missing something great, or is it as stupid as your mum (who, by the way, is so dumb she tried to wear a jacket potato)?

Friday, 3 December 2010


Britain has had a very exciting few days, what with the snow and such. I love the snow, like most other normal people (excluding those with reasons eg. snow allergies which could exist, I don't know).

Unfortunately, there is one problem:
So, here is a boring standard blog topic:
5 tips for surviving winter! Hooray!

1. Vintage knitwear. Loooots of vintage knitwear.

You can now shop online here. Finally!

Not such a great website, but if you're on Facebook they will let you know when their jumble sales are, fill a bag of vintage for only £10-£20

2. Wear ridiculous thermals.

There is something great about dressing like a seven year old yet no one can see.
Thermal from John Lewis

3. No uggs. Please.

Wet toes are not warm toes. People think they can slosh through snow with suede as if it is waterproof. No. This does not work. It is stupid. Use some logic.

4. Tense and relax your muscles.

Apparently it causes friction in muscle fibres and generates heat. Feels like you're giving birth, warms you up when you're freezing.

5. And finally...

Get a bird feeder. If you don't survive the winter, at least Mr Robin might.

That's all I'm willing to give up my time for, so...
So long!
Nat x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

First Post

Hello to the very few people reading this.

Due to extreme peer pressure by a particular person whose name I will not mention, I have been forced to start a blog.

I suppose I must decide what this blog will be about.
Think Natalie, think...
Okay, I'm done deciding.

The purpose of this blog is not only to occasionally brag about the fact that I own a few attractive pieces of vintage clothing, but to share advice and views on the world, life itself and even your mum (who, by the way, is so dumb she thought lemonade was a charity).

That was exhausting, but I will somehow try to continue to post on here.

So long,

Nat x